Great dance music attracts a big crowd at MooMba Beach PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 October 2011 10:01
MooMba Beach was the place to be last Saturday, when a great bunch of talented DJs came to play their music during the ID&T DJ Sunset Party. Event organizer ID&T from Holland had come up with some really big names from the Netherlands as well as from the US.
Aruba Retailer Fashion's Night Out PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 October 2011 18:41
Fashion’s Night Out will be a national retailer premier shopping event. Scheduled for November 3rd, 2011 in Aruba, as part of the excitement and driven by the first ever ARUBA IN STYLE Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle event.
New Horizons a new music CD by Ivan Jansen and friends launched at the Divi PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 October 2011 03:35
The Aruba International Arts Foundation proudly launched a new CD production by renowned Aruban guitarist Ivan Jansen at the Divi Beach Resort. The elegant reception was offered under the stars, by the Divi’s Managing Director Alex Nieumeyer.
Club di Movimiento wins fourth place at New Jersey dance competition PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 19:41
Club di Movimiento participated at the Mahwah, New Jersey international dance festival with 18 students, aged 13 to 19, competing in the classical ballet and contemporary dance categories. It was the first time that dancers from Aruba participated as soloists in a classical ballet competition.
Belgian actress brings impressive monologue about breast cancer to Curaçao PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 20:45


`Wintertulpen’ (winter tulips) is the name of a monologue that will be performed by Belgian actress Marleen Merckx in the auditorium of the Central Bank and in the World Trade Center on November 4 and 5. Both evenings will be really special, not only because of the content of the play, but also because of their musical and cultural settings.

Miss Aruba candidates introduced PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 October 2011 20:30
Thursday evening, the official introduction of the candidates for the upcoming Miss Aruba competition by The New Star Promotion took place at South Beach Center's J.H. Yee's Asian Bistro. Lucianette Verhoeks, Erialda Croes, Ryanne Bowers, Allison Geer and Patrisia Koolman will be competing for the Miss Aruba crown at the pageant which takes place on Saturday, December 3.
Harry Potter studio opening up for fans PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 October 2011 08:44

The magical world of Harry Potter is being meticulously reassembled at a former aerodrome near London.

The collection of sheds and sound stages is where the eight films were shot over the course of a decade, and soon they will be home to the official Making of Harry Potter studio tour.

With more than five months to go until the tour's March 31 opening stonemasons in hard hats are busy laying the (real) flagstone floor of the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Even half-finished, its Gothic arches, gargoyles and huge fireplace are an impressive sight.

When it's completed, studio Warner Bros. hopes it will be, well, magic - though the spell was briefly broken when advance tickets went on sale. Many fans found an error prevented them from booking tickets the official website. Warner Bros blamed heavy traffic for the problem.

Movies are all about illusion, but creators of this tour are keen to stress its authenticity.

The 14,000-square-metre site will include only authentic sets, props and costumes, on the original studio site 30 kilometres northwest of London.

For the movies' cast, who spent a decade working here - the younger ones growing up on set - it can still evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia.

"I get shudders down my spine every time I walk back in there," said Tom Felton, the 24-year-old actor who played Harry's Muggle-hating Hogwarts rival, Draco Malfoy.

"Immediately, as soon as you go back it just fires up a decade's worth of memories.

"I remember the first time I went in there - it was on camera. (Director) Chris Columbus specifically didn't want us to see it before filming, because we were only 11-year-old kids. So, our reaction when we walked in there was pretty much genuine."

The vast Great Hall, where hundreds of Hogwarts pupils dined, celebrated, and were divided into houses by the mysterious Sorting Hat, will be the centrepiece of the tour, but there will be plenty more to delight Potter fans.

Re-erected sets will include the cupboard under the stairs where Harry was forced to sleep by his miserly relatives, the Dursleys; the imposing Ministry of Magic; headmaster Albus Dumbledore's book-lined office; and Hogwarts' classrooms, common room and a dormitory,

The tour is spread across two soundstages - stages J and K, a pleasing but accidental tribute to Harry's creator, JK Rowling. The existing stages here at Leavesden Studios are A through I.

As well as the sets, visitors will learn how the series' magical creatures were created in the studios' workshops, and see some of the 200 shipping containers full of props that producers have kept from the films.

The eight Potter films made here between 2000 and 2010 were a mini-industry in themselves, employing both the cream of Britain's acting talent and hundreds of craftspeople and technicians.

Part of the tour's aim is to show off the behind-the-scenes skill that went into creating the spectacle.

The level of detail is impressive. Dumbledore's bookshelves are lined with individually titled books. His desk drawer opens to reveal quill-written letters and parchments that no moviegoer would ever have seen. The Weasley family kitchen will include a self-washing frying pan, enchanted knitting needles and other ingenious supernatural gadgets.

"The attention to detail and the care and the thought is breathtaking, and still is to us, even after eight films," said actor Mark Williams who played Arthur Weasley, father of Harry's best friend Ron. "You'd go on set and go, 'Bloody hell, it works!'

"I think people will be amazed about what was created as a physical prop rather than fixed later in the computer," added Warwick Davis, who played Hogwarts charms master Proffessor Filius Flitwick and the goblin Griphook.

"Certainly for me, the filming experience on these was quite different to the work I'd done on Star Wars in the sense that stuff was here and real," said Davis, who appeared in both Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.

"George Lucas would've built the first six feet of wall and left the rest to the computer."

Filming on the final Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, finished last year, and it was released in July, to a global wave of emotion from fans. The studio tour is a way to keep the Harry Potter machine running - but to be a success, it must avoid feeling like a cynical cash-in.

"I hope people will come on the sets and feel the warmth on the sets, and the experiences that have been here," said Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the films. "They're really lived in, all the sets. They don't feel just like a studio, they do feel like a world."

It will also be a working movie studio. The facility - for years a ramshackle collection of aging buildings and temporary structures on the site of a former aircraft factory - is being turned into Warner Bros' British base. The company says it will be the biggest studio complex in Europe when it opens next year.

Many people feared the end of the Potter series would bring job losses in Britain's movie industry, but Warner Bros' investment - which will make it the only US studio with a permanent base in Britain - should bring a big boost.

"It's lovely to see the redevelopment," Davis said. "I just wish they'd done it before we filmed them. We spent years here in the damp and cold, and now I see these beautiful studios, with roofs."

Felton says he hopes to return one day to shoot a new film here.

"And if the work dries up," he said, "we can always come back and be tour guides".

'Harry Potter' Villain Intended to Detonate Bomb ... Cops Say PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 October 2011 08:39
The actor who played Crabbe the bully in 6 of the "Harry Potter" movies has been charged with possession of a homemade bomb ... which cops say he intended to detonate during the London riots.

According to U.K. reports, cops believe 22-year-old Jamie Waylett was packing a Molotov cocktail while looting champagne from a drug store during the London riots on August 8th.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Waylett was later identified by video footage after the incident  ... and cops eventually arrested him on Sept. 20.

At some point during the investigation, cops claim they found 15 marijuana plants in Waylett's home.

Cops released a statement saying ... "[Waylett] was charged with violent disorder, having an article with intent to destroy or damage property, receiving stolen goods and also cultivating cannabis plants."

Waylett was eventually released on bail -- he's due back in court on Nov. 11.
X Factor': The good, the bad and the weird PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 11:07
Read more... 
I really didn't think that Fox's "X Factor" could find more interesting people than it did the first week, but then I watched Wednesday's episode. It definitely gets better with time.
‘Princess Bride’ Reunion, Thanks to Entertainment Weekly Magazine PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 October 2011 09:42

“The Princess Bride” is a movie that tells several simple stories;  about the relationship between a grandfather and a grandson, about a son avenging a father’s death, about the misdeeds some people are willing to commit in order to gain power. But, most of all, it tells a timeless story about the power of true love.

The 1987 hit film has risen to the level of cult classic, its lines instantly recognizable and highly quotable.

There was the character Westley’s  “As you wish,” a phrase he repeated to his true love, Buttercup, throughout the film.

And who could forget this?

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”  This from Spanish fencing virtuoso Montoya – played by Mandy Patinkin – as he seeks to punish his father’s killer.

Throw in a giant, a prince, a six-fingered man, sword fights, fire swamps, fearsome rodents of unusual size and a pair of miracle makers, and, voila, instant classic. There’s even a president among the legions of admirers.

“I met President Clinton and he told me he was a fan. … I thought, you know, when he said,  ‘I know exactly who you are’ I thought, ‘Oh, God, what’s in my FBI file?’ And he goes, ‘No no, it’s not what you think, I’m a big fan of ‘The Princess Bride,’” Cary Elwes, who played Westley, the movie’s farm boy turned pirate, told Dan Harris of “Good Morning America” when Entertainment Weekly got the cast together again.

Say Again?

“The Princess Bride” wasn’t an immediate blockbuster, but its appeal is universal decades later.

“How often do people come up to you and recite a line?” Harris asked the actors in the interview that aired today on “GMA.”

Quipped Elwes: “I think when I die, they’ll say on my gravestone, ‘As you wish.’ Every woman wants to hear that.”

Wallace Shawn played the Sicilian criminal genius, Vizzini, who had a penchant for shouting the word “inconceivable.” Asked how often fans approach him, he replied: “Daily.”

Billy Crystal played Miracle Max (next to Carol Kane, who played his wife, Valerie). Miracle Max memorably expressed his love for “a nice MLT — mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean.”

Crystal, who actually ad-libbed that line on the set, said fans haven’t forgotten it.

Just the other day, while he was out for a meal, someone reminded him of it in an expected way.

“And these are the ones that you respect because they … they’ll find the little line that they like, and he said, he whispered in my ear, ‘Is it lean?’” Crystal recalled, sparking laughter from his cast mates.

Then, there was the unforgettable kiss at the end of the movie. Robin Wright, who played Buttercup, acknowledged that her co-star’s looks made her nervous.

Wright said she asked for another take of that scene. All the while, she was thinking ,”Can they see my heart beating so fast because he’s so cute. Wesley’s so cute.”

For die-hard fans of the movie, here’s a little-known fact: Actor Danny DeVito was actually director Rob Reiner’s first choice to play the role of Vizzini. That put a lot of pressure on Shawn, and he was palpably nervous during filming of the movie.

It couldn’t have helped that he had his biggest scene – where he faced Westley and told him to “never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line” – on the first day.

Wrestling legend Andre the Giant played Fezzik, a Turkish giant and loyal friend to Montoya. Arguably the most popular member of the cast, he died in 1993, but his cast mates remember him with love.

Wright recalled how, in between takes, her lovable cast mate would put his hands on her head to keep her warm during the cold shoots in England. “It was the sweetest thing,” she said.

And then there was that other time when he’d had a little too much wine to drink.

“He went through a bunch. And he passed out in the lobby of the Dorchester Hotel.  So he’s,  he’s just out,” Crystal said.

“Housekeeping came,” added Elwes, picking up the tale.

The entire cast laughs at the memory.

“So Rob [Reiner] gets a call, there’s a, you know, Gulliver basically washed up here.  You know, and he’s fast asleep.  And it’s, you know, people are going to be coming in at eight in the morning for breakfast and there’s a seven-foot-seven giant,” Crystal said, continuing the  story and imitating Andre’s snores. “Oh, they called a cab. They called a – this is totally true. And a Pakistani cab driver in a Renault pulled up and saw him, ‘I cannot get him into my car.  I cannot get that into my car.  How can I get that into my car?’”

Asked why they thought the film remained so popular nearly 25 years after its initial release, Chris Sarandon, who played the evil Prince Humperdinck, said he believed the movie had a timeless appeal for viewers across generational lines.

Crystal said he thought the success was because of the right combination of factors.

“A great screenplay. It was the perfect cast,” he said. “The perfect director.  It’s the perfect movie for us.  For me, I’m so proud to be in it with everybody.”


Sir Paul McCartney marries US heiress Nancy Shevell PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 October 2011 20:10

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has married American heiress Nancy Shevell at a ceremony in London.

The couple posed for pictures outside Old Marylebone Town Hall register office after being showered with confetti by wedding guests.

Ms Shevell, 51, from New York, is an heiress to a haulage fortune.

She is Sir Paul's third wife after Linda McCartney died in 1998 and he split from second wife Heather Mills in an acrimonious divorce in 2008.

Ms Shevell wore a white, long-sleeved dress and held a bouquet of roses, while the former Beatle wore a dark suit with a white shirt and pale blue tie for the occasion.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside the central London register office to see the couple arrive and depart from their wedding ceremony, and barricades were erected.

A large group of journalists and photographers also waited for several hours before the newlyweds finally emerged.

The wedding party spent more than an hour inside the venue before emerging on the steps of the building.

The couple then returned to their home in St John's Wood, London, for a reception with family and close friends.

When asked how he felt after tying the knot for a third time, Sir Paul told waiting reporters: "Terrific, thank you. I feel married," adding, "I feel absolutely wonderful."

James McCartney, Sir Paul's son, was among the first to arrive for the party at the couple's home on Sunday evening.

'Going to last'

He was closely followed by the groom's daughters Mary and Stella, who designed the bride's gown.

Ronnie Wood, of the Rolling Stones, said he wished the couple a "very happy future" as he entered the party.

And Sir Paul's former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr, one of the last to arrive at around 1930 BST, said his message for the couple was "peace and love".

Ms Shevell, who was married for 20 years to American lawyer and political candidate Bruce Blakeman, became engaged to Sir Paul in May.

The couple began dating four years ago in the upmarket Hamptons area of Long Island.

Life-long Beatles fan Chiara Amato said she had sat outside the register office every day since September 29 in anticipation of the couple's wedding.

She said: "This marriage is going to last. She seems to be really nice and deeply in love with him. I have been listening to The Beatles since I was six-years-old. I have been to see Sir Paul in concert 27 times."

Ms Shevell is a board member of New York's transportation authority and vice-president of her family haulage firm.

But the wedding is expected to mean an end to her work in the family business and her leaving her position on the board of the transportation body.

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